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ZIRAAT SUMMER MESSAGE – by Kainat Felicia Norton

Summer is a symbol of integration, conjunctio and of fullness. We feel nature in all her bounty and glory, her beauty fully manifest, abounding in flowers and fruits and lush spacious fields. There is a feeling of ripeness, fullness, as if the earth were pregnant and giving birth and nourishing us. The days are filled with more sun, fire and light energy; fireflies glow at twilight. Spreading branches of trees reach their fullness reaching wide across the sky bestowing shade and majesty. We feel expansion and bounty in nature now. What was latent, hidden in the seed becomes manifest in a culmination of fruitfulness. Spirit and matter seem in a deep union.


1. Enjoy all the senses and fruitfulness in nature

Listen to the sounds of the fullness of all the elements stirring in nature now.

Smell the scents of different flowers and herbs in the air.

Commune with the early morning light and dew in a field.

Feel the warmth of sunlight on your arms, head and chest.

Taste and savor the intoxicating sweetness of a fully ripe peach.

Feel the communion of the Divine ambrosia this ecstatic fruit offers for your nourishment and delight.

2. Feel the taste of fruitfulness within the body.

Imagine the flavor and fruitfulness of yourself as a fully developed person; as a ripened human being.

3. Experience the qualities that pour out from you. You may carry bubbling streams and golden fields.

You may radiate understanding, compassion, generosity, love, peace, joy, the union of heaven and earth.

4. Contemplate how in your life you fulfill all three aspects of fruitfulness mentioned in the quote below from

Hazrat Inayat Khan. What do you share with others ?

"Fruitfulness has three aspects. The first aspect is when one benefits from one's own life; the next aspect is when one benefits from the life outside oneself; and the third aspect is when one is a benefit to oneself and to the life outside, and the life outside is a benefit to oneself. That is the moment of the fruitfulness of life".
            -Hazrat Inayat Khan

5. Experience the words of Sufi saint Khawja Mu'inuddin Chishti:

"Be humble as the earth, kind as the sun and generous as the river".

Much joy and all Warm Blessings,

Kainat Felicia Norton


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